AI10 Accepted Papers

Sang-Woon Kim and John Oommen . On Optimizing Locally Linear Nearest Neighbour Reconstructions Using Prototype Reduction Schemes
Norihiro Kamide and Ken Kaneiwa. Resource-Sensitive Reasoning with Sequential Information
Xin Wang, Wanyu Deng and Qinghua Zheng . Incremental Projection Vector Machine: A One-Stage Learning Algorithm for High-Dimension Large-Sample Dataset
Minyi Li, Bao Vo and Ryszard Kowalczyk. An Efficient Approach for Ordering Outcomes and Making Social Choices with CP-Nets
Lennon V. Cook and Junbin Gao . Dimensionality reduction for classification through visualisation using L1SNE
Rohitash Chandra , Marcus Frean and Mengjie Zhang . An Encoding Scheme for Cooperative   Coevolutionary Neural Networks
Ramon Lawrence and Vadim Bulitko . Taking Learning out of Real-time Heuristic Search for Video-game Pathfinding
Swee Chuan Tan, Kai Ming Ting and Shyh Wei Teng. A Comparative Study of a Practical Stochastic Clustering Method with Traditional Methods
Jussi Rintanen . Heuristic Planning with SAT: Beyond Strict Depth-First Search
Bahadorreza Ofoghi and John Yearwood. Learning parse-free event-based features for textual entailment recognition
Edward Hung, Lei Xu and Chi-Cheong Szeto. A Heuristic on Effective and Efficient Clustering on Uncertain Objects
ZhiQiang Zhuang and Maurice Pagnucco . Two Methods of Constructing Horn Contractions
Ke Zhang and Huidong Jin. An Effective Pattern Based Outlier Detection Approach for Mixed Attribute Data
Khaled Abdalgader and Andrew Skabar. Short-Text Similarity Measurement using Word Sense Disambiguation and Synonym Expansion
Andrew Skabar and Khaled Abdalgader. Improving Sentence Similarity Measurement by Incorporating Sentential Word Importance
Hemant Singh, Tapabrata Ray and Warren Smith. Performance of Infeasibility Empowered Memetic Algorithm (IEMA) on Engineering Design problems
Musa Mammadov, John Yearwood and lei zhao. A New Supervised Term Ranking Method for Text Categorization
Adrian Schoenig and Maurice Pagnucco . Evaluating Sequential Single-Item Auctions for Dynamic Task Allocation
Martin Luerssen, Trent Lewis and David Powers . Head X: Customizable Audiovisual Synthesis for a Multi-Purpose Virtual Head
Zaw Zaw Htike, Simon Egerton and Ye Chow Kuang. Model-based Viewpoint Invariant Human Activity Recognition from Uncalibrated Monocular Video Sequence
David L Dowe and Nayyar Abbas Zaidi. Database Normalization as a by-product of Minimum Message Length inference
Nasimul Noman and Hitoshi Iba. Cellular Differential Evolution Algorithm
Hiroyuki Ishiwata, Nasimul Noman and Hitoshi Iba. Emergence of Cooperation in a Bio-Inspired Multi-Agent System
Enes Makalic and Daniel Francis Schmidt. Review of modern logistic regression methods with application to small and medium sample size problems
Michael Thielscher and Sebastian Voigt. Pushing the Envelope: General Game Players Prove Theorems
Raghav Ramachandran, Abhaya Nayak and Mehmet A. Orgun . Belief Erasure using Partial Imaging
Daniel Schmidt and Enes Makalic. The behaviour of the Akaike Information Criterion when applied to non-nested sequences of models
John Debenham and Simeon Simoff . The Honourable Negotiator: When the relationship is what matters
Kazushi Ikeda, Tadashi Yanagihara, Gen Hattori, Kazunori Matsumoto and Yasuhiro Takishima. Hazardous Document Detection Based on Dependency Relations and Thesaurus
Filippo Galgani and Achim Hoffmann . LEXA: Towards Automatic Legal Citation  Classification
Ashkan Izadi, Vic Ciesielski and Marsha Berry. Evolutionary Non Photo–Realistic Animations With Triangular Brushstrokes
Dengji Zhao , Dongmo Zhang , MD Khan and Laurent Perrusel . Maximal Matching for Double Auction
Víctor Fernández-Bauset , Francisco Grimaldo , Miguel Lozano and Juan M. Orduña. Tuning Java to run interactive multiagent simulations over Jason
Gavin Rens, Ivan Varzinczak, Thomas Meyer and Alexander Ferrein. A Specification Logic for Reasoning about Actions and Explicit Observations
Fernando Martínez Plumed, Vicent Estruch, Cesar Ferri, Jose Hernandez-Orallo and Maria Jose Ramirez-Quintana. Newton Trees
Laurent Perrussel , Jerusa Marchi and Dongmo Zhang . Characterizing Relevant Belief Revision Operators
Danial Yazdani, Adel NadjaranToosi and Mohammad Reza Meybodi. Fuzzy Adaptive Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
Urvesh Bhowan, Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston . A Comparison of Classification Strategies in Genetic Programming with Unbalanced Data
Mahdi Setayesh, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang . Edge and Corner Extraction using Particle Swarm Optimisation
Rachel Hunt, Mark Johnston , Will Browne and Mengjie Zhang . Sampling Methods in Genetic Programming for Classification with Unbalanced Data
Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang . Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithms based on Differential Evolution and Local Search
Mohammad Omidvar and Xiaodong Li . A Comparative Study of CMA-ES on Large Scale Global Optimisation
Tony Smith and Chris van de Molen. Unbounded Knowledge Acquisition Based Upon  Mutual Information in Dependent Questions
Khalid Mansour, Ryszard Kowalczyk and Bao Vo. Real-Time Coordination of Concurrent Multiple Bilateral Negotiations Under Time Constraints
Armin Hezart , Abhaya Nayak and Mehmet A. Orgun . Temporal Belief-change: kappa-functions Approach
Nayyar Abbas Zaidi and David McG Squire . A Gradient-based Metric Learning Algorithm for k-NN Classifiers
Xiongcai Cai , Michael Bain , Alfred Krzywicki, Wayne Wobcke , Yang Sok Kim, Paul Compton and Ashesh Mahidadia. Collaborative Filtering for People to People Recommendation in Social Networks
Tomas Nestorovic . Frame-Based Dialogue Management Automated Error Recovery Approach
Gjorgji Madjarov and Dejan Gjorgjevikj . Efficient Two Stage Voting Architecture for Pairwise Multi-label Classification
Raymond Chiong and Michael Kirley . Evolving Cooperation in the Spatial N-player Snowdrift
Carl Schultz, Robert Amor and Hans W. Guesgen. The Impact of Qualification on the Application of Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning Calculi
Wolfgang Mayer, Xavier Pucel and Markus Stumptner . Diagnosing component interaction errors from abstract event traces